Sunday, 2 May 2010

How to upset the electorate - or do they really care?

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I am absolutely furious with the attitude of councillors towards the mega millions of pounds lost in the Icelandic bank scandal.

Yesterday morning in Mill Hill Broadway I had the opportunity to bring the matter up with a be-whiskered and long standing member of Barnet council. It was the first occasion that I had to seek a face-to-face explanation from someone accountable for the actions of Barnet council.

I did not receive a satisfactory explanation but instead was firmly told it was a Barnet council employee who was responsible for the loss and nothing to do with him! I was also told that if you lent money overnight to banks then you must accept that you might loose the money! And with that he walked away!

I don’t ever recall agreeing to the taxes extorted from me by this incompetent council should be gambled in this manner. I had in the past relied on his integrity to protect me and my family’s interests in council matters.

At the time of this financial debacle members should have taken the honourable action and resigned, seeking re-election to prove residents confidence in their judgement and suitability for continuance in office. But they didn’t!

So long standing councillor, belonging to the party that I hope will form the next government; I have some unpleasant news for you. You and your colleagues will not receive my vote in the local elections. I believe that your failure to provide a satisfactory explanation and your subsequent action on walking a way from the discussion just demonstrates the arrogance contempt in which you hold us.

Ex Tory voter - Mill Hill

The Residents’ Association of Barnet do not have any candidates standing in the Mill Hill ward. We are allowing the publication of the above article as it reflects much of the feedback we are receiving during our canvassing.

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  1. To the Mill Hill Councillor (and we all you know who you are)

    This was not money put on deposit “overnight”. These were long term deposits for periods of 2 and 3 years. Other councils were pulling their money out whilst Barnet was still piling in.

    It is a gross misrepresentation to blame it all on one relatively junior officer. All the investment plans were supposed to have been monitored and approved by the Cabinet Resources Committee of which Mike Freer was Chairman. The whole of that committee should have resigned, but sadly politicians today do not understand the concept of honour.