Friday, 23 April 2010

Brent Cross "Its not an Incinerator

The following is the text of a letter published in "THE PRESS" on Thursday 22 April 2010.

Fascinated to read Jonathan Josephs latest utopian statement about "Slum City". Sorry - the proposed Brent Cross Regentrification - sorry again -Re-generation.
Please, when is an incinerator not an incinerator? This plant will take in rubbish of all sorts, heat it up to provide energy for the proposed development, and spew out the remains via a 140metre chimney. Why is it so high? Well, to "safely" disperse the polluntants, nano-particles that can get into lungs and dioxides - highly poisonous substances. What a delightful scheme; one that Mr. Joseph describes as, "green." No, Mr Joseph, that's the colour the rest of us turn when we envisage your mad ideas for us.
Regarding Clitterhouse Playing fields. This is MOL, Metropolitan Open Land, same status as "green Belt". So, no, you cannot put a cafe in the middle of it, a cafe on the edge would be nice. Ah, that's where Barnet wants to build more "hutches for Hobbits " And you are prevented from developing it into a park by Planning Policy Guidelines that "forbid anything on or around it that affects its open character". Fortunately Gordon Kerr and The Telegraph have run a campaign to strengthen these guidelines. So go away Mr. Joseph, we don't like your scheme and we don't like you.

Dorothy Badrick
Residents' Association of Barnet.

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  1. Worried of Golders Green23 April 2010 at 12:09

    Mr. Joseph did you deliberately place the "waste facility" between a primary school and a housing conservation area? Don't you like children and people like us?