Friday, 23 April 2010

Election Candidates. We were told our papers were right

This following letter was published in the Barnet & Potters Bar Times, Edgware & Mill Hill Times and the Hendon & Finchley Times on the 22 April 2010.

Election Candidates.
We were told our papers were right.

As chairman of the Residents’ Association of Barnet, I personally accompanied our paperwork to North London Business Park (NLBP) with two members of the Residents’ Association of Barnet.
On the advice of officers, we made necessary corrections. We even had someone drive from Golders Green to NLBP to sign a form. At the end, we were assured our papers were correct and accepted – we would hope so because at least three people at NLBP checked each nomination.
Apart from telling us that Morton Morris’s wife had signed four nomination forms, and having to correct an entry in the Electoral Roll, the other thing the council got wrong was to relocate Golders Green into Edgware. Easy error to make you may think – or not.
I spoke directly to Nick Walkley, the council’s chief executive and returning officer. He told me no appeal was possible; the last candidate paper in, would have to be refused. In making this decision he has disenfranchised Golders Green, Morton Morris and possibly the council if the elections are close.
Strange that everything is always our fault, but when the council loses £27 million or sensitive data, no senior officer or councillor is ever called to account. Who is running this rotten borough?
Dorothy Badrick
Residents’ Association of Barnet


  1. Dear RAB

    I would love to send you the Age UK manifesto, as over 40% of the voters in this election within the London Borough of Barnet will be over 55.

    Age UK is calling for all the parties to commit to 5 pledges:

    • reforming the failing social care system
    • ending pensioner poverty
    • outlawing ageism
    • improving the NHS and other public services
    • enabling older people to play a greater role in society

    With best wishes

    Julia Hines
    Chair Age Concern Barnet

  2. You have indicated some points from the manifesto and these are reasonable aspirations, fairly made and worthy of support by our independent candidate in the Barnet local elections.

    We would be delighted to receive a copy of your Age UK manifesto. You can contact us through our website