Monday, 26 April 2010

Council employees are also council tax payers.

We must not forget that many of our council employees are also Barnet residents and tax payers. They are generally loyal public servants who want to do a good job for a decent wage – no different from anyone else. It is not often that we hear their views, even though they have the advantage of knowing what is happening inside Barnet council.

Anecdotal evidence gathered during canvassing indicates an untold Barnet council story; and whilst we rely on the media to expose scandals not even their diligent investigations can identify all that may be wrong within the council.

It is a difficult situation. It would be wrong to expose further scandals of council secretiveness, waste and mis-management without independent corroboration, but the apparent frustration of the council employees / council tax payers in these matters cannot be ignored.

Of course, with a new council membership we would hope for significant changes and improvements as to how the council conducts its’ future business on our behalf. It would be hoped that greater transparency from the council will help achieve this. There should be a role in this transparency process for council employees to expose that which may be wrong, and in doing so help create the better council that we all want. But only if residents and tax payers vote for these changes!


  1. In the last few weeks the Council has created three new posts which are not front line jobs - A Change and Innovation Manager,(£50,913 + on costs), Service Development post (£46,590) and Head of Estates (£87,700)The combined salaries and on costs for the three jobs are almost £200,000 a year. Speaking to existing Council employees about the creation of these jobs they are as fed up as everybody else. Stricter financial control and prioritising money to where it delivers most for the public.

  2. Concerned of Golders Green27 April 2010 at 12:52

    Let's hope they have not recruited for these posts. If the new council cancels these appointments it would be a saving of 60p per resident. Every little helps!