Sunday, 25 April 2010

Local Democracy - your influence

As a long term resident I know that we have experienced many changes in Barnet – some good, some not so good. However, despite the increasing size and cost of our local council organisation we residents do not seem to have had a proportionate increase in the quality and number of council services that we require.

A fundamental question is of course were these council services not already sufficient and satisfactory for our needs? Did we need change? Could we have avoided these increasing costs if changes were deemed unnecessary? All reasonable questions for debate; but were they properly debated, or just implemented under “delegated powers”?

Next time you’re canvassed for your vote by a councillor seeking re-election ask for an explanation of “delegated powers” and the cabinet system of “democracy” used in Barnet. You will be surprised, and possibly shocked, as to how little influence you have on council decision making - decisions which are made in the name of all Barnet citizens.

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